Grand Jurisdiction of Alabama
Grand Jurisdiction of Alabama


Jerusalem Tabernacle No. XXXII

Jerusalem Tabernacle meets in the city of Birmingham for its Annual Ingathering on the Saturday in December nearest to the 12th day of that month. The Tabernacle meets at 10:00 a.m. in the Birmingham Metro York Rite Building.
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Official Contact Information:

Emory J. Ferguson, K.C.

Brief Description:

The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests is an honorary and invitational organization with membership limitations and cannot be applied for. Members are selected and extended invitations on the basis of outstanding performance as a Commander of a Commandery of Knights Templar. The order has historic roots in England that trace back to 1786, with references back to 1686, the traditional year of revival. The “Priestly Order” was referred to within the ceremonies of “The High Knights Templar” in Ireland in 1755. There are records of the conferral of this Order in the United States during the 1800’s but the authority is unknown. The Grand College of America, Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests was formed in the United States in 1931. The limit of Regular Members in a Tabernacle is 33.

Officers of Jerusalem XXXII

V.E. PreceptorWilliam J. Burfitt, Sr.
Deputy PreceptorSidney R. Cooley, Sr.
Treasurer/RegistrarEmory J. Ferguson, K.C.
Seventh PillarWinston L. Each
Sixth PillarDr. R. Kim Harrison
Fifth PillarJames C. McGee
Fourth PillarThomas R. Bassett
Third PillarWilliam A. Carter
Second PillarMichael F. Feld
First PillarThomas H. Nesbit
Inner GuardW. Scott Wadsworth
Outer GuardDavid W. Whitaker
PrelateWilliam J. Burfitt, Jr.

Past Preceptors:

1991-1992Emory J. Ferguson
1995-1996Michael L. Jones
2007-2008Thomas F. Craig
2012-2013Wayne D Jordan
2013-2014Philip J. Sherman
2014-2015Teddy R. Grogan, Jr
2017-2018Maurice C. Himes
2018-2019George L. Marshall Jr
2019-2020Raymond C. Dunn
2020-2021James A. Smith
2021-2022Hiram O. Willams
2022-2023Ronald G. Andress

Living Members:

Knight Priest's Name:Date Ordained:
Emory J. Ferguson, K.C.12/9/1978
Thomas F. Craig, K.C.12/10/1994
Wayne D. Jordan, K.C.12/11/1999
Phillip J. Sherman, K.C.12/11/1999
Teddy R. Grogan, Jr., K.C.12/08/2001
Roger A. Simmons12/14/2002
George L. Marshall, Jr., K.C.12/10/2005
Robert D. Moseson, K.C.12/10/2005
Raymond C. Dunn12/8/2007
Jamie A. Smith12/13/2008
Hiram O. Williams, Jr.12/13/2008
Ronald G. Andress12/12/2009
C. Sterling Hughes12/12/2009
Harold W. Worthington12/11/2010
William J. Burfitt, Sr.12/10/2011
Sidney R. Cooley, Sr.12/14/2013
Richard R. Losch12/14/2013
Winston L. Each12/10/2016
Dr. R. Kim Harrison12/10/2016
James C. McGee12/10/2016
Thomas R. Bassett12/9/2017
William A. Carter12/9/2017
Michael F. Feld12/9/2017
Thomas Nesbitt12/14/2019
Johnny W. Strickland3/6/2021
W. Scott Wadsworth3/6/2021
David W. Whitaker3/6/2021
William J. Burfitt, Jr11/27/2021
Ted Ahora Loggins12/10/2022
Anthony Mark Stillwell12/9/2023

* Resigned from Masonry

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